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About the Artist


Hilary is a painter,  goodwill enthusiast, and mother of 2 boys.  About 14 years ago she decided to “paint” with abandoned bits of plastic.


It all started harmlessly enough, the youngest broke toys as quickly as he picked them out.  So, she started a drawer of his destruction, determined to repair some of the carnage. Legos left strewn about were soon added. Then dice and game pieces that didn't make their way back to the proper box.  Before you know it, she’s hoarding bread tabs and picking up broken hanger tags in the Target parking lot.

The thing about these little bits is that they aren’t recyclable. Goodwill doesn’t put small pieces out in their retail stores, so all these little bits have no where to go. I love giving a second use to something that would have ended up in the landfill. I love working with random shapes and colors and figuring out how to fit them together into an image altogether new and different. 


Hilary has a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.  She and her family recently moved back to her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.  Her older son, Theron, is attending college and they have begun occasionally collaborating on mixed media work. Hilary's younger son has moved to New York City to train in ballet.  Because of this, Hilary is splitting her time between Madison and New York.


Hilary Christensen artist

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