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Kerouac is finally on the road (pun intended)

This piece hit the open road this week. Its first stop is the frame shop, followed by a long trip west to California. I tucked a lot of little references to Kerouac's work into the image. I'll try and post some close ups of those in a later post.

Someone asked me this week if it was hard to part with work once I finish. I think in most cases it is not. Most of my work lately has been commissioned. That makes it easier. I start the work with the intention of creating something that my client will love. Its then quite gratifying to complete and make them happy. I do find portraits harder to part with then landscapes. I recently completed two portraits and I absolutely love enjoying portraits in person. The dimensionality of this medium means that the image is always a little different depending on the lighting and where your standing. I just love that they feel a bit alive. You can't capture that in a photo.

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